Depositional Model and Exploration Potential in the St. Louis Carbonates Beneath the Hugoton Field of Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-8

Regional Structural Features of the Hugoton Study Area

The St. Louis fields are primarily a structural stratigraphic trap with a strong correlation to structural anomalies. However, no consistent relation of ooid grainstone distribution and structural highs has been observed (Abegg, 1992). The structures have likely enhanced the porosity and permeability in the reservoir. Structural deformation in Hugoton study area is post Meramecian. The Pennsylvanian Morrow has local erosion or none deposition over structural highs. The Mississippian strata have been truncated on the structures and eroded prior to Pennsylvanian sediment onlap and in some regions a karst plain developed.

Winfield Structure Map
Contour Interval = 50 feet

Meramec Structure Map
Contour Interval = 50 feet

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