Midcontinent Interactive Digital Carbon Atlas and Relational Database (MIDCARB)

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-7

Examples of Products Under Development as Part of the MIDCARB Project

Linked Energy Systems
Efficient Recovery of Industrial Sources of CO2, Russell, Kansas

An electrical co-generation, ethanol fuel production and carbon dioxide (CO2) enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project in central Kansas is a unique scalable model for linked energy systems. Waste heat from a 15-megawatt gas-fired turbine municipal generator provides heat inputs for a 25 million gallon per year ethanol plant. Carbon dioxide, a fermentation process byproduct of ethanol production, will be utilized by a CO2 miscible flood demonstration project. The Kansas project is the first to use CO2 emissions from ethanol production in an EOR project. The full CO2 stream from this single ethanol plant could supply a small commercial project capable of producing five million barrels of oil and sequestering 1.5 million tons of CO2 over twenty years.

From: Co-generation, Ethanol Production and CO
2 Enhanced Oil Recovery: a Model for Environmentally and Economically Sound Linked Energy Systems, Martin K. Dubois, Scott W. White, and Timothy R. Carr

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