Oomoldic Reservoirs of Central Kansas, Controls on Porosity, Permeability, Capillary Pressure and Architecture

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-48


Stratigraphic column of Upper Middle Desmoinesian and Upper Missourian Strata.

Oolites in Cyclothems

Modeling Oolite Deposition

Computer simulation (KANMOD) running under Pascal (French and Watney, 1993) of deposition of oolite shoals and related carbonate facies utilizing as input parameters sea level, and carbonate sediment accumulation rate, based on water depth and depositional profile. Model conditions are believed to be comparable to those of the L-KC on the Kansas shelf (French and Watney, 1993).

Stepwise, en echelon buildups of oolitic grainstone (brown) and associated shallow marine carbonate facies units (red and blue) were deposited along a ramp. High-frequency stillstands occur within longer-term falls in sea level associated with 4th-order depositional sequences. During the Upper Pennsylvanian each cycle has been estimated to represent a rise and fall of approximately 100 meters (Soreghan and Giles, 1999) with durations of approximately 143+64 ka (Rasbury et al., 1998).

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