Accommodation Model for Wolfcamp (Permian) Redbeds at the Updip Margin of North America's Largest Onshore Gas Field

Kansas Geological Survey

Open-file Report 2005-25


Geologic Setting


Hugoton and Panoma Fields are situated in the Hugoton Embayment, the shallow shelf portion of the Anadarko basin, and asymmetric foreland basin associated with the Ouchita-Marathon Orogeny.


By Wolfcamp time the Pennsylvanian-aged Anadarko was nearly completely filled and slopes on the Kansas shelf were extremely low.


Glacially driven eustatic sea level changes resulted in fourth order marine-continental (carbonate-siliciclastic) sedimentary cycles on the Kansas shelf during Wolfcamp.

To determine the accommodation and stabilization mechanisms that led to a lateral transition between Permian marine-carbonate-dominated sequences and continental-siliciclastic-dominated sequences at the margin of a giant gas field.



Present Day Structure

Wolfcamp Isopach
Chase to Roca Shale
(most of Wolfcamp)

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