Accommodation Model for Wolfcamp (Permian) Redbeds at the Updip Margin of North America's Largest Onshore Gas Field

Kansas Geological Survey

Open-file Report 2005-25



We are thankful for the support from partners in the Hugoton Asset Management Project (, an industry-Kansas Geological Survey study with modeling the Permian gas systems of the Hugoton and Panoma Fields in southwest Kansas and Oklahoma Panhandle as the primary objective. Members of the group include Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, BP America Production Company, ConocoPhillips Company, Cimarex Energy Company, E.O.G. Resources Inc., Medicine Bow Energy Corporation, Osborn Heirs Company, OXY USA, Inc., and Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc. Much support from Kansas Geological Survey colleagues involved in the project, Alan Byrnes, Geoffrey Bohling, Saibal Bhattacharya, Timothy Carr, and John Doveton, was appreciated. Academic licenses for GeoPlus Petra and SBL's Petrel mapping and modeling applications were used in the construction of many of the figures.

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