2008 Kanorado Locality

ODYSSEY Graduate and Undergraduate students work to map, record, excavate 1x1-meter archaeology units, and water-screen soil at the "Main Block" of site 14SN106 in Sherman County, Kansas. In 2008, excavations at this site provided a better understanding of the extent of cultural activity areas and components. The main block is interpreted as a Folsom-aged hide processing area as numerous chipped stone scrapers and scraper resharpening flakes have been recovered. Other chipped stone flake tools have been recovered, including two fragments of Folsom projectile points.

Surveying site through transit.

Hillside marked out in 1 by 1 meter blocks.

Record keeping.

Filtering material looking for artifacts.

Shade is hard to come by on the High Plains.

Measuring and documenting.

Staff photo.


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