Current ODYSSEY Staff

Dr. Rolfe D. Mandel; Director; University Distinguished Professor, Department of Anthropology; and Director & Senior Scientist, Kansas Geological Survey

Dr. Jack Hofman; Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

Dr. Frederic Sellet; Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

Affiliated Associates

Mary Adair; Curator, Archaeological Research Center, University of Kansas

Rob Bozell; Associate Director, Nebraska State Historical Society

Adrien Hannus; Director, Archeology Lab, Augustana College

Steven R. Holen: Director, Center for American Paleolithic Research, Fort Collins, Colorado

Neal Lopinot; Director and Associate Research Professor, The Bernice S. Warren Center for Archaeological Research, Missouri State University

Janice McLean; R. Christopher Goodwin and Associates, Inc.

Jack Ray; Research Archaeologist and Research Instructor, The Bernice S. Warren Center for Archaeological Research, Missouri State University

Current & Former KU Anthropology Graduate Students involved in the ODYSSEY program (listed alphabetically)

* Denotes Odyssey-related research for thesis or dissertation

Nick Arnhold; M.A. student
Brendon Asher; Ph.D. student
*Jared Beeton; Ph.D. (Geography)
Adam Benfer; M.A.
Barb Crable; M.A. student
Joshua Collins, MA student
Kale Bruner; M.A.; Ph.D. student
Michael Davis; Ph.D. student
*Erin Dempsey; Ph.D.
Geoarchaeology in the Current River Valley, Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Southeast Missouri
Allison Douglass; M.A. student
Paige Englert; MA student
Nick Erikson; M.A. student
*Kevin Fenyak, M.A. student
*Andrew Gottsfield; Ph.D. student
Late-Quaternary Stratigraphy and Geoarchaeology of the Upper Neosho River Basin, East-Central Kansas
Patrick Green; M.A.
Alison Hadley; Ph.D. student
Julie Harbin; M.A. student
Sam Haywood; M.A. student
Hai Huang; Ph.D.
Lauren Johnson; M.A. student
Ryan Johnson; M.A.
*Leila M. Joyce Seals, M.S.; Ph.D student (Geology)
Daniel Keating; M.A.
Steven Keehner; M.A.
*Nick Kessler; M.A.
Archaeology, Late-Quaternary Landscape Evolution, and Environmental Change in the Upper Driftwood Creek Basin, Barber County, Kansas
*Arlo McKee; M.A.
The Application of Ground Penetrating Radar at the Kanorado Locality, Northwest Kansas
Janice McLean; M.A.
Jolene Munger, M.A.
*Laura Murphy; M.A.; Ph.D.
Geoarchaeology of the Burntwood Creek Rockshelter (14RW418), Northwest Kansas
*R. Mason Niquette, M.A.; Ph.D. student
Site Formation Processes at the Spring Valley Site (23CT389), Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Missouri
Jeff Ross
*Shannon Ryan; Ph.D. student
Recognizing Paleoindian Hideworking Activity Areas on the Great Plains
*Blair Benson Schneider; Ph.D. (Geology)
Recognizing Paleoindian Hideworking Activity Areas on the Great Plains
Julie Tarabek; M.A.
Mark Volmut, M.A.
Garrett Welch; M.A.
*Kristopher West; M.A.
A Soil-Based Methodology for Locating Buried Early Prehistoric Cultural Deposits in Draws on the High Plains of Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas
Chris Widga; Ph.D.
Anna Wieser; Ph.D. student
Emily Williams; Ph.D. student

Current & Former undergraduates involved in the ODYSSEY program (listed alphabetically)

Ben Anthony, Matt Baker, Scott Chaussee, Josh Collins, Franklin Conard, Steven Dyle, Paige Englert, Wes Gibson, Inga Fonder, *Kyle Gorynski (Geology), Jessica Hagge, Adam Hefling, Thomas Hughes, Laura Krische, John Jurkovich, Nick Kessler, Jacquelynn Miller, Robert Perkins, Jesse Meiers, Mikayla Reynolds, Bradley Saint, Helen Sangster, Jeff Shelton, Krissy Zuchowski

Current & Former ODYSSEY Volunteers, Research Aids, and Collaborators (listed alphabetically)

Debi Aaron, Nancy Arndt, Dean Belshe, Ron Beseke, Chuck Bonner, Austin Buhta, David Cain, Matthew Cathlina, Renata Culpepper, Karen Cunningham, Jenna Curry, Mark Darrow, Norman Dye, Andrea Egger, Linda Ellis, Jim Feagins, Bill Fox, Judy Freeman, Taylor French, Neteal Graves, Patrick Green, Tarina Greer, Jacque Griffith-Esala, Marty Gugleman, Adrien Hannus, Rod Haxton, Adrianna Hendricks, Steve Holen, Lori Holstrom, Bruce Hord, Chris Hord, Daniel Hougland,Craig Hoyt, Kazi Jestribek, Landon Karr, Karolyn Kinsey, Hillery Lorring, Tim Meade, Aidan Miller, Debbie Miller, Sandra Moran, Marvin Nash, Kim Nash, Matthew Nowak, Vern Parsons, Jack Pluim, Cynthia Prasse, Casey Robinson, Rick Rogers, Laura Ruman, Kresha Scott, Barbara Shelton, Alyssa Sparks, Paulette Steeves, Melonie Sullivan, Jerry Thomas, Dustin Thompson, Mary Al Titus, Chris Wernick, Kaitlyn Wideman, Kevin Wideman, Chris Widga, Michelle Witecha, Allison Young


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