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This CD-ROM is a static view, a snapshot, of the data available in the WIZARD database--the KGS Water Information Storage and Retrieval Database. Focusing on the results of the 2000 Annual Water Level Program, this CD contains data extracted in March 2000.

If you have an Internet connection, you can access the online version of Wizard. The URL is http://www.kgs.ku.edu/Magellan/WaterLevels/index.html and the screen you will see looks like this:

preview of wizard screen

Intro to WIZARD

Internet connection not required to view following pages. You will need an Internet connection to use the database.
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Kansas Geological Survey, Water Level CD-ROM
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Updated March 17, 1999
Available online at URL = http://www.kgs.ku.edu/Magellan/WaterLevels/CD/Online/index.htm