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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2008-11

Review and Analysis of Chemical Data for the Maize Ground-Water Pit/Detention Pond for Stormwater Runoff Storage

Donald O. Whittemore

KGS Open File Report 2008-11

A report for Equus Beds Groundwater Management District No. 2
July 2008


Equus Beds Groundwater Management District No. 2 (GMD2) requested that the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) review and provide an analysis of the data collected for the monitoring plan for a retention pond/ground-water pit used by the City of Maize for storage of stormwater runoff. The pond is also referred to as a ground-water pit because the pond is dug into the unconsolidated sediment that comprises the shallow aquifer in the area such that the bottom of the pond is below the water level in the aquifer. The detention pond is located in the NW/4 of the NW/4 of Sec. 20, T. 26 S., R. 1 W. at the northeast corner of Maize. Information on the detention pond sent by GMD2 indicates that the watershed area from which water drains to the pond is 109 acres and is located in the northern part of the city. Aerial photographs show that this watershed includes residential and commercial areas, a school with an athletic track and field, and a railroad. The pond drainage area does not appear to include agricultural land use.

Water samples were collected from the pond on March 5, 2007 by Continental Analytical Services, Inc. (CAS), and on October 25, 2007 by the City of Maize for organic analysis, and by the City of Maize on October 31, 2006 and October 30, 2007 for inorganic analysis. Samples of stormwater runoff were collected from a concrete drainage channel leading to the pond at two different times during March 20 and June 27, 2007, for inorganic and organic analyses. The first runoff sample was obtained within 30 minutes after water began entering the pond and the second between one and two hours after the runoff began. A bottom sediment sample was collected from the pond in March 2007 by CAS. The City of Wichita chemical laboratory analyzed the water samples for inorganic constituents and CAS analyzed the water samples for organic compounds and the sediment sample for both inorganic and organic constituents. GMD2 provided to the KGS the data sheets that had been sent to them by the laboratories analyzing the water and sediment samples.

The data were reviewed for characterization of accuracy and relevancy to assessment of the chemical quality of the water and sediment relative to standards for public drinking water and toxicity to aquatic wildlife. The data analysis included a comparison to the analytical data and findings of the recently completed study of water-quality effects of stormwater runoff into sand pits on ground water in the Wichita area (Whittemore 2007, 2008). Photocopies of the analytical data and data control information are in Appendix A.

The complete text of this report is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

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Updated March 4, 2010
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