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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2004-32

Landscape-Scale Detection and Characterization of Small Water Bodies: A Progress Report

R.W. Buddemeier, R.O. Sleezer, S.L. Egbert, and F.J. deNoyelles

KGS Open File Report 2004-43
Sept. 2004

Kansas NASA EPSCoR Phase II Program Year 2 Progress Report

Name of Project: Landscape-Scale Detection and Classification of Small Water Bodies: Temporal Integration of Diverse Types of Data

Principal Investigator: Robert W. Buddemeier
Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas
Phone: 785-864-2112

Co-Principal Investigators: Richard O. Sleezer
Departments of Physical Sciences, Emporia State University
Phone: 620-341-5984

Co-Principal Investigators: Stephen L. Egbert
Geography Department and Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program, University of Kansas
Phone: 785-864-4252

Co-Principal Investigators: F. J. deNoyelles
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Kansas Biological Survey, University of Kansas
Phone: 785-864-7725

Name of Other Sponsors matching funds, other related grant funding agencies and amount of match/grants:
University of Kansas/KUCR (including KGS, KBS, EEB and Geography Depts.): $16,642
Emporia State University: $10,986

The complete report is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

of2004-43.pdf (596 k)

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Kansas Geological Survey, Geohydrology
Placed online Oct. 2004
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