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Now that you have located the plume, the chromium in the ground water must be removed. The process by which the contamination will be removed is referred to as remediation. This part of the simulation is an exercise in which you will evaluate three different remediation technologies with the goal of choosing the most appropriate technology and the most cost effective design. To do this, you will simulate the design and operation of three different remediation schemes, each using a technology that differs from the technologies behind the other designs.

Based on the contaminant concentrations in the water samples, the estimated plume volume, and taking into account the amount of contaminant that was recovered by the emergency response team, it apears that the pipeline break released approximately 10,000 grams of chromium to the aquifer. To monitor the progress of the remediation, Plume Busters keeps track of the total amount of contaminant removed from the aquifer over time and compares it to the estimated total amount (10,000 grams) dissolved in the ground water as shown below.



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