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It takes 3 weeks to install and begin operation of your remediation design once you have submitted it to the management team of your consulting company. The management team must approve the design, order and receive all the materials and equipment needed for the project, and obtain approval by the state environmental protection agency.

You have been given a maximum total budget of $1,000,000 to complete the remediation.

The following is a table that provides information on the capital and operation and maintenance costs associated with each design.

Remediation Technology

Capital Cost (one-time expense)

Operation & Maintenance Cost

Permeable Reactive Barrier

Construction Cost: $7,143 per linear foot of barrier

Routine monitoring: $4,500 per week

In Situ Redox Manipulation

$4,000 per injection well

Sodium Dithionite injection, retrieval, and disposal: $4,100 per well (one time expense)

Routine monitoring $4,500 per week

Pump & Treat with the Forager Polymer

$8,000 for the pumping/injection well couplet

$29,000 for the treatment building

$50,000 for equipment

System operation, Forager polymer purchase, renewal and eventual disposal: $35,500 per week

Routine monitoring $4,500 per week









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