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Economic Research Service
the main source of economic information and research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
breaking new ground in promoting sustainable communities
Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture
encouraging a more sustainable agriculture
Land Institute
develop an agricultural system with the ecological stability of the prairie and a grain yield comparable to that from annual crops
Ogallala Commons
leadership to create thriving communities sustained by healthy land and abundant water in the Great Plains region
Rural Community Empowerment Program
seeks to empower communities by supporting local plans that coordinate economic, physical, environmental, community, and human development
Rural Information Center
provides information and referral services to maintain the vitality of America's rural areas
Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN)
the communications and outreach arm of the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program
Sustainable Communities Network
linking citizens to resources and to one another to create healthy, vital, sustainable communities
USDA Rural Development
Office of Community Development committed to helping improve the economy and quality of life in all of rural America