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Information on Oct. 13, 2010, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Earthquake

A magnitude 4.3 earthquake centered south-southeast of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was felt this morning by residents in south-central Kansas. The quake was centered on Latitude 35.217° North and Longitude 97.271° West. The depth is listed as 7.9 km (4.9 miles), and it occurred at 09:06:29 a.m. at the epicenter.

The quake is shown on the St. Louis University central North American earthquake map. The figure below is adapted from their map.

Map shows OKC quake as a red square in central US.

The earthquake was widely felt in Wichita. The quake (and the reactions of residents) was reported on by the Wichita Eagle.

A later report by the Oklahoman raises the magnitude to 5.1, though that is not reflected by the U.S.G.S yet. Additional analysis can be found at the Oklahoma Geological Survey's Leonard Geophysical Observatory.

The U.S. Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center has an Earthquake Bulletin on this event. The page contains maps and data on the earthquake. In additional, they have a form to fill out if you felt the quake. Evidence from people who have experienced earthquakes is useful in understanding how future quakes will affect a region and in comparing new quakes to historical events.

The Kansas Geological Survey has a Public Information Circular on Earthquakes. Most Kansans have never felt a tremor, but more than 100 earthquakes rumbled through the state betwen 1977 and 1989. This circular acquaints the reader with the theory of plate tectonics, recording and measuring methods, and earthquake activity in Kansas.

Information on earthquakes in the central United States can be found here:

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