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News Release, Kansas Geological Survey, May 25, 2006

Kansas Geological Survey Recognizes Outstanding Students

LAWRENCE--Four University of Kansas students were recognized this spring for outstanding achievement at the Kansas Geological Survey, based on KU's west campus, and the KU Department of Geology.

Stephen Schurger, a graduate student in geology, received the William W. Hambleton Student Research Award. As a graduate research assistant in the Survey's energy research section, Schurger investigates carbon sequestration and enhanced coalbed natural gas recovery in southeast Kansas. He also assists with laboratory processing of coal and gas samples. The award is named for the Survey's director from 1970 to 1986.

Brian Platt, a graduate student in geology, was presented with the Lee C. and Darcy Gerhard award for student field research. Platt is exploring the impact of environmental and climate change on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in the Jurassic Morrison Formation near Shell, Wyoming. His trace fossil samples will be included in the KU Invertebrate Paleontology Museum's collection. The award is named after the Survey's director from 1987 to 1999 and his wife.

Jessica Leiker, a human biology major, was one of two recipients of the Norman Plummer Outstanding Student Award. For the Survey's Data Resource Library, Leiker has helped implement a project in collaboration with the Kansas Corporation Commission to proofread oil and gas records, enter the data into a database, and scan all paper records.

Tyler Stransky, a graduate student in engineering and computer science, also received the Norman Plummer Outstanding Student Award. Stransky is a support specialist in the Survey's computing services section where he provides hardware and software assistance for staff members. The award is named after Norman Plummer, a Survey employee from 1936 to 1969.

The Kansas Geological Survey explores and provides information on the state's geologic resources and hazards, particularly ground water, oil, natural gas, and other minerals. It employs approximately 40 students.

The recipients were given cash awards and certificates, presented by the Survey's director William Harrison in a mid-May ceremony.

Story by Cathy Evans, (785) 864-2195.
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