43rd Annual Midwest Ground Water Conference

Holiday Inn-Holidome & Convention Center, Lawrence, Kansas

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Conference Program

Monday, October 12, 1998
1:30-5:00Field Trip
5:00-7:00Conference Registration, Mixer, Poster Session Setup
Tuesday, October 13, 1998
7:00-8:10Registration, Poster Session Setup (Continental breakfast)
8:10-8:30Plenary Session
 Welcome: William Harrison, Deputy Director, Kansas Geological Survey
Session I--Stream Aquifer Interactions/Aquifer Recovery
8:30-8:50Equus Beds Aquifer Storage and Recovery Demonstration Project, South-Central Kansas: Mike Dealy, Jerry Blain, and David Stous
8:50-9:10Characterizing Stream-Aquifer Relations in the Tributaries of the Republican River, Southwest Nebraska: Gregory V. Steele
9:10-9:30Ground and Surface Water Quality Interaction in the Lodgepole Creek Valley, Eastern Cheyenne County, Nebraska: Jeffrey J. Gottula
9:30-9:50Effective Mitigation of a Rapid Dewatering Event Caused by Quarry Operations in the Dolomite Aquifer in Lannon, Wisconsin: John Jansen, Wayne P. Fassbender, Patrick Jurcek, Laura L. Barreto, and Larry F. Boyer
Session II--Ground-Water Quality Monitoring: Animal Waste Sites to State Networks
10:10-10:30Are Large Hog Facilities a Risk to Ground Water?--Two South Dakota Case Histories: Mike Meyer
10:30-10:50Ground-Water Monitoring at Earthen Manure-Storage Structures in Iowa: Robert D. Libra, Deborah J. Quade, and Lynnette S. Seigley
10:50-11:10Ambient Ground-Water Monitoring at Public Water Supply Springs and Wells in Kentucky: Bill Yarnell, James Webb, and Peter Goodman
11:10-11:30Land Use and Shallow Ground-Water Quality in Eastern Iowa and Southern Minnesota, 1997: Mark E. Savoca
11:30-11:50South Dakota's Statewide Ground-Water Quality Monitoring Network: Derric Iles, Stan Pence, and Tom Rich
Session III A--Concurrent Session--Ground-Water Quality: Monitoring and Nitrate Concerns
1:10-1:30Water Quality in the Upper Fifteen Feet of a Shallow Sand Aquifer in a Variable Land Use Setting: Mike Trojan and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
1:30-1:50Subsurface Nitrate, Upper Big Blue Natural Resources District, Central Nebraska, 1995-97: I. M. Verstraeten and V .L. McGuire
1:50-2:10Distribution of Nitrate-Nitrogen in Kansas Ground Water: M. A. Townsend and D. P. Young
2:10-2:30Use of Soil Moisture Nitrate Analysis to Quickly Develop Vertical Nitrate Profile in an Unconfined Sand Aquifer: Justin L. Blum
Session III B--Concurrent Session--Ground-Water Modeling: Management and Capture Zones
1:10-1:30Decision Support System for Water Resources Management: Sreepathi R. Ramireddygari, James K. Koelliker, John C. Tracey, and Marios Sophocleous
1:30-1:50Management of Ground-water Resources in the Teays-Mahomet Bedrock Valley in East-Central Illinois: Tiraz Birdie, William Ratekin, John Jansen, Paul McCormick
1:50-2:10Comparative Study of Five-Year Time-of-Travel Capture Zones for Community Water Supply Wells in Bethany, Hardin, and Nokomis, Illinois: Samuel Boateng, Courtney Brooks, and Garry Stanley
2:10-2:30Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Capture of a Contaminated Leachate by Wells: Dr. David R. Steward
Session IV A--Concurrent Session--Ground-Water Quality: Pesticides
2:50-3:10Herbicide Transport from River through Aquifer into Municipal Collector Wells: I. M. Verstraeten, J. D. Carr, G. V. Steele, E. M. Thurman, K. C. Bastian, and D. F. Dormedy
3:10-3:30Pesticides in Shallow Alluvial Aquifers in Agricultural and Urban Areas in Eastern Iowa and Southern Minnesota: E. M. Sadorf
3:30-3:50Occurrence of Acetanilide Herbicide Metabolites in Tile Runoff and Ground Water: E. M. Thurman, D. W. Kolpin, S. J. Kalkhoff, and P. J. Phillips
3:50-4:10An Examination of Pesticide Occurrence in Large-Diameter Wells: Are High Detection Rates Related to On-Field Applications?: H. Allen Wehrmann, M. E. Caughey, J. R. Karny, T. R. Holm, E. Mehnert, D. A. Keefer, and W. S. Dey
Session IV B--Concurrent Session--Mapping, GPS, and GIS Applications
2:50-3:10Use of Reported Water Level Values to Map Regional Ground-water Flow Systems in Michigan: Thomas McClain, Matt Malone and Richard Hill-Rowley
3:10-3:30Selecting Monitoring Well Locations Using GIS: Jim Stockinger, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
3:30-3:50Incorporating GPS, GIS, and On-site QC into the Kansas Water-Level Measurement Program: John Siceloff, Rick Miller, Brett Bennett, and David Laflen
3:50-4:10GIS Applications in Assessing Waste Disposals and Contaminant Releases for Ground-water Impacts: Ronald C. Spong
Session V--Poster Session
4:10-5:30View and discuss posters with authors
 Irrigation Reuse Systems Relationship to Ground-water Quality and Crop Nitrogen Budget: D.D. Adelman
 Changes in Ground-Water Levels and Storage in the Wichita Well Field Area, South-Central Kansas, 1940-1998: Walter R. Aucott and Nathan C. Meyers
 Kansas Minimum Design Standards for Onsite Wastewater Systems: Debra Baker, Barbara Dallemand, and Morgan Powell
 Application of GIS in Water-Quality Risk Assessment in the Battle Creek Watershed, IDA County, Iowa: G. A. Hadish, J. C. Jennings, C. E. Brockmann, and L. Miller
 WIZARD--A Ground-water Information System for Kansas: Günther Hausberger, Gina Ross, and John Davis
 Ground-water Guardian Affiliates: Robert D. Kuzelka, Susan S. Seacrest, Cindy Kreifels, and Rachael Herpel
 A Study of Ground-Water Flow and Ground-Water/Surface-Water Interaction in the Republican River Basin, Southwest Nebraska, Northwest Kansas, and Northeast Colorado: Matthew K. Landon
 Pilot Testing of Oxygen Release Compound Efficacy in Reducing Aquifer BTEX Contamination: Peter G. Muckenhaupt
 Boundary Layer Analysis of Aquifer Mineralization by Paleodrainage Channels: Hillel Rubin and Robert Buddemeier
 Multidisciplinary Assessment of Salinity Patterns Along Rattlesnake Creek in South-Central Kansas: R. O. Sleezer, D. P. Young, and R. W. Buddemeier
 Modeling and Risk Assessing the Impact of Small Kansas Landfills on Underlying Aquifers: Marios Sophocleous
 Sustainable Development of Water Resources in Kansas: Marios Sophocleous
 An Interactive System with Automatic Calibration for Ground-Water Modeling: M.-S. Tsou and D. O. Whittemore
 Arkansas River Corridor Study in Southwest Kansas: D. O. Whittemore, M.-S. Tsou, D. P. Young, and J. Grauer
 Subbasin Water Resources Management Program: Deborah Zarta Gier, Shannon Rothchild, Chris Gnau, Iona Branscum, Alan Weinbrenner, Jeff Lanterman, and Julie Grauer
5:30--6:30Cash bar
7:30Invited Speaker--James E. Sherow, Kansas State University, Department of History
Wednesday, October 14, 1998
7:00-8:00Continental breakfast
Session VI A--Concurrent Session--Aquifer Characterization: Aquifer Test, Tracer, and Seismic Methods
8:00-8:20Slug Tests in Extremely Permeable Aquifers: Carl D. McElwee
8:20-8:40Local-Scale Aquifer Characterization Using Single-Well Tracer Methods: Stephen H. Hall
8:40-9:00High-Resolution Seismic-Reflection Survey to Map Bedrock and Glacial/Fluvial Layers at the U.S. Navy Northern Ordnance Plant (NIROP) in Fridley, Minnesota: Richard D. Miller and Jianghai Xia
Session VI B--Concurrent Session--Ground-Water Quality: Recharge and Contamination Studies
8:00-8:20Equus Beds Ground-Water Recharge Demonstration Project, South-Central Kansas: Baseline Water Quality and Preliminary Effects of Artificial Recharge on Ground-Water Quality: Andrew C. Ziegler, Victoria G. Christensen, and Heather C. Ross
8:20-8:40Volatile Organic Compounds in Shallow Ground Water and a Stream in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, Minnesota, 1996-98: Alison L. Fong, and James D. Fallon
8:40-9:00Sample Collection and Field Determination of Ambient Redox Parameters for Use in Assessing Site Suitability for Natural Attenuation of Contamination by Chlorinated Ethenes: Timothy Tolle MacDonald
Session VII A--Concurrent Session--Water Information Systems, Assessment, and Management
9:20-9:40Tear Down the Wall! Developing a Water Information Program: Mark Bamberger and Edward (Ned) Pennock
9:40-10:00Source Water Assessment as a Result-Oriented Activity for Groundwater Guardians: Robert D. Kuzelka, Susan S. Seacrest, Cindy Kreifels, and Rachael Herpel
10:00-10:20Water-Use Permitting and Management of Water Resources in Kansas: William J. Gilliland
Session VII B--Concurrent Session--Ground-Water Quality: Land Use and Pollution Indices
9:20-9:40Ground-Water Quality in Unconfined Glacial Aquifers in Part of the Upper Mississippi River Basin--The Influence of Land Use: James R. Stark, Alison L. Fong, and William J. Andrews
9:40-10:00The Use of Drastic in the Delineation of Potential Pollution Sites in Lagrange, Indiana: Solomon Isiorho
10:00-10:20A Comparison of Ground-water Nitrate Pollution Risk Indices. An Example from the Equus Beds Aquifer in Central Kansas: R. O. Sleezer and R. E. Bassler
Session VIII--Concurrent Workshops and Discussion
10:25-11:55State Ground-Water Monitoring Networks
10:25-11:55Effects of Confined Animal-Waste Storage and Disposal on Ground Water
11:55-12:00Closing comments (at the end of both workshop sessions)
Post Conference Workshop
1:00-5:00Continuation of State Ground-Water Monitoring Networks (at Kansas Geological Survey)

Kansas Geological Survey, Geohydrology Section
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