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Depth Constrained Cluster Analysis is an interactive plot applet, which was created to allow the user the ability to pick Zones from log data using digital Log ASCII Standard (LAS) version 2.0 & 3.0 files which are ordered along the dimensions of depth. This constraint can be used to limit the analysis to the consideration of stratigraphically neighboring units, thus only vertically adjacent zones and clusters may be merged into larger clusters. Depth Constrained Cluster Analysis appeared in PfEFFER Pro an Excel Spread Sheet Program developed by the Kansas Geological Survey, released 1998. It also appeared in GEMINI ( Geo-Engineering Modeling through INternet Informatics ) web application developed by Kansas Geological Survey 2000 - 2003. The user can create Portable Network Graphics (PNG) images of the displayed plot.


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  Description from Pfeffer Pro user manual, Kanasas Geological Survey, pg 58-59
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Author: John R. Victorine
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