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Late Paleozoic Pelecypods: Pectinacea

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Preface by Raymond C. Moore


Summary of results


Preparation of specimens


Principal divisions of the American marine Permian rocks

Principal divisions of the American Upper Carboniferous marine Pennsylvanian rocks


Shell Morphology

Glossary of shell terms

Modern pelecypods compared with ancient pectinoids


Relation of form to habit



Shell structure


Evolution of the pectinoid ligament

Proposed classification of Paleozoic Pectinacea

Systematic Paleontology

The earliest pectinoids

Family Pterinopectinidae Newell, n. fam.


Genus Pterinopecten Hall

Genus Rhombopteria Jackson

Genus Palaeopecten Williams

Genus Posidonia Bronn

Posidonia fracta Meek

Genus Lyriopecten Hall

Genus Vertumnia Hall

Genus Pseudaviculopecten. Newell, n. gen.

Genus Dunbarella Newell, n. gen.

Dunbarella whitei (Meek)

Dunbarella knighti Newell, n. sp.

Dunbarella rectalaterarea (Cox)

Genus Pterinopectinella Newell, n. gen.

Pterinopectinella welleri Newell, n. sp.

Family Aviculopectinidae Etheridge, jr., emend. Newell


Subfamily Aviculopectininae Meek and Hayden, emend. Newell

Genus Aviculopecten McCoy

Chart for comparison of American aviculopectens

Aviculopecten exemplarius Newell, n. sp.

Aviculopecten arctisulcatus Newell, n. sp.

Aviculopecten occidentalis (Shumard)

Aviculopecten moorei Newell, n. sp.

Aviculopecten basilicus Newell, n. sp.

Aviculopecten nodocosta Newell, n. sp.

Aviculopecten gradicosta Newell, n. sp.

Aviculopecten eaglensis (Price)

Aviculopecten phosphaticus Girty

Aviculopecten? ballingerana (Beede)

Aviculopecten germanus Miller and Faber

Aviculopecten coxanus Meek and Worthen

Aviculopecten mazonensis Worthen

Aviculopecten mccoyi Meek and Hayden

Aviculopecten vanvleeti Beede

Aviculopecten girtyi Newell, n. sp.

Aviculopecten gryphus Newell, n. sp.

Aviculopecten coreyanus White

Aviculopecten halensis Mather

Aviculopecten flabellum (Price)

Aviculopecten kaibabensis Newell, n. sp.

Aviculopecten bellatulus Newell, n. sp.

Aviculopecten sumnerensis Newell, n. sp.

Aviculopecten peculiaris Newell, n. sp.

Genus Limatulina De Koninck, 1885

Genus Deltopecten Etheridge

Genus Fasciculiconcha Newell, n. gen.

Fasciculiconcha knighti Newell, n. sp.

Fasciculiconcha scalaris (Herrick)

Fasciculiconcha providencensis (Cox)

Genus Limipecten Girty

Limipecten texanus Girty

Limipecten grandicostatus Girty

Limipecten koninckii (Meek and Worthen)

Limipecten morsei Newell, n. sp.

Limipecten latiformis (Shimer)

Limipecten wewokanus Newell, n. sp.

Genus Acanthopecten Girty

Acanthopecten carboniferus (Stevens)

Acanthopecten meeki Newell, n. sp.

Acanthopecten coloradoensis (Newberry)

Acanthopecten delawarensis (Girty)

Acanthopecten laqueatus (Girty)

Genus Annuliconcha Newell, n. gen.

Annuliconcha interlineata (Meek and Worthen)

Genus Girtypecten Newell, n. gen.

Girtypecten sublaqueatus (Girty)

Genus Clavicosta Newell, n. gen.

Clavicosta echinata Newell, n. sp.

Subfamily Streblochondriinae Newell, n. subfamily

Genus Streblochondria Newell, n. gen.

Streblochondria sculptilis (Miller)

Streblochondria hertzeri (Meek)

Streblochondria stantonensis Newell, n. sp.

Streblochondria? monipelierensis (Girty)

Streblochondria? tenuilineata (Meek and Worthen),

Streblochondria? guadalupensis (Girty)

Streblochondria? infelix (Girty)

Streblochondria condrai Newell, n. sp.

Streblochondria sp.

Streblochondria subequivalva (Beede)

Genus Streblopteria McCoy

Streblopteria oklahomensis Newell, n. sp.

Genus Obliquipecten Hind

Genus Camptonectes Agassiz?

Camptonectes? papillatus Girty

Camptonectes? sculptilis Girty

Camptonectes? asperatus Girty

Subfamily Pseudomonotinae Newell, n. subfamily

Genus Pseudomonotis Beyrich

Pseudomonotis hawni (Meek and Hayden)

Pseudomonotis sublaevis Girty

Pseudomonotis beedei Newell, n. sp.

Pseudomonotis equistriata Beede

Pseudomonotis robusta Beede

Group of Pseudomonotis spinosa Sayre

Pseudomonotis spinosa Sayre

Pseudomonotis sayrei Newell, n. sp.

Pseudomonotis fredoniensis Newell, n. sp.

Miscellaneous species of Pseudomonotis

Pseudomonotis? aurisculpta (Mather)

Pseudomonotis precursor Mather

Unrecognizable species of Pseudomonotis

Pseudomonotis inflata Mather

Pseudomonotis hawni var. sinuata (Meek and Worthen)

Other species of Pseudomonotis

Family Euchondriidae Newell, n. fam.

Genus Euchondria Meek

Euchondria neglecta (Geinitz)

Euchondria pellucida (Meek and Worthen)

Euchondria smithwickensis Newell, n. sp.

Euchondria subcancellata Newell, n. sp.

Euchondria levicula Newell, n. sp.

Euchondria ohioensis (Mark)

Euchondria menardi (Worthen)

Family Amussidae Ridewood

Genus Pernopecten Winchell

Pernopecten prosseri (Mark)

Pernopecten clypeatus Newell, n. sp.

Pernopecten ohioensis Newell, n. sp.

Pernopecten attenuatus (Herrick)

Pernopecten obliquus Girty

Generic status of some foreign species of pectinoids



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