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Kansas Geound Water

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Use and importance of ground water

Ground-water occurrence


Hydrologic cycle

Kansas aquifers

Unconsolidated aquifers

Alluvial valleys

High Plains aquifer

Glacial deposits

Bedrock aquifers in Kansas

Cambro-Ordovician aquifer

Dakota aquifer

Mississippian aquifers

Sandstone aquifers

Permian aquifers

Water quality

Natural factors and controls

Human effects

Storage and irrigation

Fertilizer application

Resource extraction

Industrial and agricultural chemicals

Population, urbanization, and concentration

Water-supply treatment

Well construction and ground-water production

Production and monitoring


Ground-water management

Problems and issues


Appendix A. Glossary

Appendix B. Further reading

Appendix C. Water-related agencies

Definitions of italicized words are linked to the glossary in appendix A.

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Kansas Geological Survey, Kansas Ground Water
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