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Pennsylvanian Rocks and Fusulinids

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Stratigraphic Classification

Morrowan series

Belden formation

Post-Morrowan Pennsylvanian


Hell's Canyon formation

Youghall formation

Weber sandstone

Faunal Summary and Stratigraphic Correlation

Pennsylvanian fusulinid faunal zones


Zone of Millerella

Zone of Profusulinela

Zone of Fusulinella

Zone of Fusulina

Zone of Triticites

Belden formation

Hell's Canyon formation

Youghall formation

Systematic Descriptions

Genus Millerella Thompson

Millerella inflecta, n. sp.

Millerella circuli, n. sp.

Millerella cf. M. pressa Thompson

Millerella sp. A

Genus Pseudostaffella Thompson

Pseudostaffella cf. P. keytei maccoyensis (Thompson)

Genus Fusulinella Möller

Fusulinella iowensis var. leyi, n. var.

Fusulinella uintaensis, n. sp.

Fusulinella lounsberyi, n. sp.

Fusulinella haywardi, n. sp.

Genus Wedekindellina Dunbar and Henbest

Wedekindellina matura, n. sp.

Wedekindellina henbesti (Skinner)

Genus Fusulina Fischer-de-Waldheim

Fusulina prima, n. sp.

Fusulina pristina, n. sp.

Fusulina rockymontana Roth and Skinner

Fusulina curta, n. sp.

Fusulina spp.

Descriptions of Measured Sections



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