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Kansas Mineral Resources for Wartime Industries

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Foreword, by Raymond C. Moore




Coal, by J. M. Jewett

Oil and Gas, by R. P. Keroher


Natural Gasoline

Natural Gas


Carbon Black


Aluminum from Kansas Clays, by E. D. Kinney and Norman Plummer

Iron, by E. D. Kinney

Magnesium, by J. C. Frye and J. M. Jewett

Magnesium from oil field brines

Magnesium from dolomite

Pyrite, by E. D. Kinney

Zinc and Lead, by E. D. Kinney and R. M. Dreyer

Nonmetallic Mineral Resources

Asphalt Rock, by J. M. Jewett

Bentonite, by W. H. Schoewe

Chalk, by Norman Plummer

Chat, by R. M. Dreyer

Clay, by Norman Plummer and John Romary

Diatomaceous Marl, by W. H. Schoewe

Fillers for Plastics, by Norman Plummer and J. C. Frye

Gypsum, by J. M. Jewett

Portland Cement, by J. M. Jewett

Rock Wool Materials, by Norman Plummer

Salt, by J. M. Jewett

Sand and Gravel, by W. H. Schoewe

Stone, by J. M. Jewett




Tripoli, by J. C. Frye

Volcanic Ash, by W. H. Schoewe

Water Resources

Ground Water, by J. C. Frye

Surface Water, by J. C. Frye

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Placed on web Nov. 2, 2017; originally published May 9, 1942.
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