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Longford Member, Kiowa Formation

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Executive Summary



Stratigraphic Framework

The Basal Cretaceous Beds of Kansas

Cheyenne Sandstone

Kiowa Formation

Dakota Formation

Permian-Cretaceous Unconformity

Description of Longford Member, Kiowa Formation

Name, Type Section, Distribution, and Thickness

Siltstone at Top of Longford Member

Lower Part of Longford Member

Clay Rocks and Carbonaceous Beds



Depositional Environments of Longford Rocks

General Setting

Linear Clastic Kiowa Shorelines

Evidence of Tidal Action

Fluvial and Estuarine Associations


Red-Mottled Clay Rocks and Red-Mottled Siltstone

Lignite and Dark Claystone

Other Clay Rocks and Siltstone

Inner Shore Environments

Lagoon or Bay to Open-Sea Realms

Mechanisms of Kiowa Transgression Implied by Longford Member

Provenance of Longford Sediments and Clay-mineral Distributions

Summary and Conclusions

Suggestions for Further Study


Appendix A--Work Methods and Terminology

Appendix B--Description of Measured Sections


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Kansas Geological Survey, Geology
Placed on web March 10, 2009; originally published November, 1979.
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