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Kansas Geological Survey, Bulletin 204, pt. 1, originally published in 1972

Numerical Solution of the 3-Dimensional Heat Flow Equation

by John C. Halepaska and Fred W. Hartman

Originally published in 1972 as part of Kansas Geological Survey Bulletin 204, pt. 1, p. 11-13. This is, in general, the original text as published. The information has not been updated. An Acrobat PDF version of the complete bulletin (15 MB) is also available.


A numerical differencing scheme is outlined that gives the investigator a fast, accurate research tool. The scheme uses an extrapolation routine coupled with a line solution technique to solve the heat flow equation. The technique applies equally well to line or plane symmetry: 2-dimensional as well as fully 3-dimensional problems.

This article only available as an Acrobat PDF file.

Kansas Geological Survey, Numerical Solution of the 3-Dimensional Heat Flow Equation
Placed on web March 24, 2016; originally published in March 1972.
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