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Carbon Dioxide Solubility in Water

The solubility of CO2 in water is a function of temperature, pressure and salinity. The amount of CO2 that can be dissolved in saline brine can be estimated by combining experimental work. The solubility of CO2 in fresh water increases with increasing pressure, decreasing temperature and can be estimated from the experimental work (Crawford and others, 1963; Holm, 1963, Jarrell and others, 2002). A series of solubility curves were used to generate a relational database table of solubility's at different pressure and temperature combinations (Graph A). The solubility's of fresh water in this table are adjusted according to the salinity of the brine (independent of pressure and temperature; Graph B) using percent solubility retained as a function of salinity (Jarrell and others 2002; Chang and others, 1996; Johnson and others, 1952; Martin, 1951). These two figures show the effect of temperature, pressure and salinity on CO2 solubility in water.

CO2 Solubility in Water
Graph A

CO2 Solubility in Brine
Graph B
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