Reservoir Characterization to Inexpensively Evaluate the Exploitation Potential of a Small Morrow Incised Valley-fill Field

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-9

Reservoir Simulation

History Matching

The oil production history was input to the simulator, and it was set to calculate gas and water production volumes while maintaining a flowing bottom hole pressure (Pwf) above or equal to 14.7 psi. Reservoir parameters modified during history matching included permeability, relative permeability/capillary pressure data, and GOCs (gas-oil contacts). Well-level history match was completed only after the current simulator calculated Pwf closely matched the fluid level recorded at the well. Upon completion of history matching, residual oil and gas saturation-feet maps were generated. Pockets of remaining potential were identified in sand #2. Core studies indicated that correlations exist between Swi and K for both clean and argillaceous lithologies. Swi and K values (obtained at each well after history matching) for sand #2 were plotted against these correlations. Both horizontal and vertical permeability distributions in the sand bodies were refined during the process of history matching.

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