Reservoir Characterization to Inexpensively Evaluate the Exploitation Potential of a Small Morrow Incised Valley-fill Field

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-9

Morrow Sandstone Production in Kansas

Of the over 6 billion barrels of oil produced in Kansas, cumulative production from Morrow Sandstone reservoirs represents nearly 180 million barrels or 3% of the total. With the decline in Arbuckle and Lansing-Kansas City Group production, Morrowan reservoirs represent an increasing important resource contributing 21% of the total state production over the last decade.

Percent of Total Oil Production

Oil Discovered: 1937, Sparks Field, Morton County
Largest Lease: Interstate, 25 MMbbls (not comingled)
Average Lease: 79,000 bbls

Gas Discovered: 1948, Liberal SE Field, Seward County
Largest Lease: Kinsler, 14 Bcf (not comingled)
Average Lease: 996 MMcf

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Last updated March 2002