Co-generation, Ethanol Production and CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery
Model for Environmentally and Economically Sound Linked Energy Systems

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-6

Other Kansas Industrial CO2 Sources

Relatively large volumes of Industrial CO2 are currently being utilized for EOR in the U.S. (Beecy, 2001). An example, the Enid Oklahoma fertilizer plant, delivers 35 MMCF/day,ten times the Russell ethanol plant output, but similar to quantities generated by the Kansas fertilizer and cement plants. Potential oversupply in the CO2 market due to increased ethanol production, growing interest in CO2 sequestration and the concern over falling domestic oil production may spur interest in industrial CO2 supply for EOR in Kansas and other areas throughout the U.S. where there is potenetial for “value added” geologic sequestration. The juxtaposition of major CO2 industrial sources with miscible and immiscible CO2 EOR and enhanced coalbed methane prospects makes Kansas an excellent laboratory for CO2 capture and geologic sequestration.

CO2 shown is from stochiometric proceses alone.
(Ethanol-fermentation, Ammonia, Concrete - Calcination)

Kansas Industrial Sources of CO2 by Facility

Facility Production  
Product Location (City) Unit Rating/Year (thousands) Est 2002 Product (thousands) Est 2002 CO2 Short Tons (thousands)
Ethanol Colwich gallon ethanol 20,000 20,000 66
  Garden City gallon ethanol 12,000 12,000 40
  Leoti gallon ethanol 1,500 1,500 5
  Russell gallon ethanol 25,000 25,000 83
  Atchinson gallon ethanol 25,000 25,000 83
Total 277
Ammonia Coffeyville tons ammonia 402 361 455
  Dodge City tons ammonia 292 277 350
  Lawrence tons ammonia 365 shut down 0
Total 805
Concrete Independence tonnes concrete 311 295 163
  Fredonia tonnes concrete 475 451 249
  Chanute tonnes concrete 1,500 1,000 552
  Humboldt tonnes concrete 725 689 380
Total 1,344
Refinery Coffeyville bbls of oil refined 40,880 36,792 ?
  El Dorado bbls of oil refined 38,235 34,493

CO2 volume from hydrogen product not known
  McPherson bbls of oil refined 28,251 25,426
Total ?
Thousand Tons Per Year 2,426

Production data sources include vanOss (2001), EOIA (2001), RFA (2002), Chanute Tribune (1999), and personal communications, Wright (2002) and Videgar (2002).

CO2 shown is from stochiometric proceses alone.
(Ethanol-fermentation, Ammonia, Concrete - Calcination)


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