Co-generation, Ethanol Production and CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery
Model for Environmentally and Economically Sound Linked Energy Systems

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2002-6

Fortuitous, independent events may lead to linkage of three energy systems:

2000 DOE funded CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) demonstration project eight miles SE of Russell, Kansas.
2000 City of Russell electrical plant explosion destroyed 75% of diesel fired generation capacity. Decision is made to rebuild.
2001 ICM, Inc. with U.S. Energy Partners (USEP) builds ethanol plant in Russell. Agreementsmade for co-generation and providing CO2 for EOR pilot project.

CO2 from Ethanol Plant

Initial plan for supplying CO2 was to truck it 200 miles from Guymon, Oklahoma. The ethanol plant provides a close source of supply for the pilo project, and possibly for small commercial floods.

Final well configuration will be determined in the coming months.

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Last updated March 2002