miniSeed Plot
Download Java Source to your PC

This web page are instructions to download the miniSeed Plot Directory with all the files necessary in compiling and running the miniSeed Plot Application. You will first need to download a free Java Development Kit (JDK) from ORACLE Java,

Click on the "JDK" Download Button and follow directions. You will need to know what kind of computer operating system you are working on.

You will also need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your PC to run the web app on your pc. Click on the "JRE" Download Button and follow directions. The same is true for the JRE, you will need to know what kind of computer operating system you are working on.

The miniSeed Plot Application software is bundled by 2 methods as a ZIP file and as a JAR File. Both will create the miniSeed Plot directory with all the source files to build the miniSeed Plot Application. The Build.bat and Run.bat are designed for the Windows Environment, but it shows the procedure & source files for compiling and running the Java Application. If you use the script you will need to replace the calls "C:\jdk1.7.0_25\bin\" in the scripts to the JDK directory that you downloaded to your PC.

Directory Structure of miniSeed Plot

/lib - directory holds the JAR File.
/src - directory miniSeed Plot Program Source Files
/images - directory miniSeed Plot Program images

   Build.bat - Windows Batch file for compiling the miniSeed Plot Application.
   Run.bat - Windows Batch file for running the Read/Write miniSeed Applicaton
   Manifest.txt - A required file needed in the JAR file to meet ORACLE-Java security requirements.
   Seismic.txt - Contents of the miniSeed Plot Program JAR File.
Example miniSeed Files:

REMEMBER to replace the "C:\jdk1.7.0_25\bin\" with the JDK directory path you downloaded to your PC in the Build.bat and Run.bat files.


This file will compile the miniSeed Plot Java Source code. In a Command Prompt window enter: Build > temp.txt. This will run the Build script and send all the steps to the temp.txt file. If any errors show you will be able to see it and open the temp.txt to find the error.

Only the contents of the miniSeed Plot JAR file, "Seismic.txt" is left.


This file will run the miniSeed Plot Application on your PC. Just double click on the 'Run.bat' script.

Author: John R. Victorine

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