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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2006-47
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2006 Water Level Data Acquisition Statistics

Mary Brohammer, Brett Bennett, Matthew Grafel, and James Dietrich

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Kansas Geological Survey

The 2006 Water Level data were published on the Web and not in paper form. You can search for specific wells on the Kansas Geological Survey website at or find the data in tabular format at


The field-measurement phase of the annual cooperative water-level measurement program was successfully completed by both the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) and the Division of Water Resources (DWR), Kansas Department of Agriculture, prior to February 1, 2006. The annual program is designed to regionally sample the High Plains aquifer in Kansas so trends can be established and evaluated for effective incorporation into water-resource management strategies. Water levels were recorded in 97.1% of the 1,332 network wells in 2006. The KGS measured 564 wells and the three DWR offices (Garden City, Stafford, and Stockton) measured 753 wells.

Spatial analysis of the 2005 annual network-well distribution revealed 31 locations that required additional water-level data to permit continuous and uniform sampling of the High Plains aquifer. Candidate wells for all 31 locations were identified through the cooperative efforts of the KGS, DWR, and the groundwater management districts. Twenty-five of the 31 candidate wells had sufficient construction and historical information and landowner cooperation to attempt a water-level measurement and were actually measured. These 25 were incorporated into the network for 2007 and will be measured in all future measurement campaigns unless the wells become unreliable or are plugged. Yearly geostatistical studies will define undersampled areas and will be used to select optimum locations for replacement wells to eliminate extraneous holes in the hexagonal network.

January 2006 Acquisition
  KGS DWR Total
Number of network wells in 2006 564 753 1,317
Number of counties 16 31 47
2006 provisional (new) wells 14 15 29
Provisional wells measured 12 11 23
Wells successfully measured 551 732 1,283
Wells not measured 13 21 34
QA (quality assurance) wells 56 0 56
Wells targeted for removal 5 10 15

KGS Field Crew, January 2006

Joe Anderson, Brett Bennett, Rex Buchanan, Brett Engard, David Laflen, Nicolette Proudfoot, Brett Wedel, and Brownie Wilson

Wells Measured in 2006

  KGS DWR Total
Type of Well      
Irrigation 450 554 1,004
Unused (monitor or abandoned) 81 171 252
Stock 22 28 50
Household 8 5 13
Depth to Water      
Less than 100 ft 141 467 608
100 to 200 ft 285 202 487
200 to 300 ft 118 53 171
More than 300 ft 7 21 28
Drill Depth of Well      
Unknown 68 100 168
Less than 100 ft 55 250 305
100 to 200 ft 121 224 345
200 to 300 ft 161 100 261
300 to 400 ft 89 34 123
More than 400 ft 70 60 130
Measurement Characteristics      
Oil on the water 89
Difficult measurement
(restrictions, snags, catches)
Noted changes in restrictions 12

In-field confidence in a particular measurement was qualitatively determined through inspection of chalk cut while general accuracy was quantitatively appraised using historical and local trends.

Measurement Confidence
  KGS DWR Total
Wells Measured Only      
Once 495 693 1,188
Twice 44 43 87
Three times 12 7 19
Four times 0 0 0
Total Measurements      
Primary, QA, and QC 619 800 1,419
Measurements Judged      
Excellent 453 576 1,029
Good 81 134 215
Fair 17 31 48

2006 Provisional Wells (UTM = unable to measure)

KGS (total of 14 wells-12 measured, 2 UTM)

04S 33W 14DAC 01  Rawlins
14S 42W 25ADA 01  Wallace     hung at 190'
15S 41W 09BDD 01  Wallace 
25S 26W 20ABD 01  Ford 
27S 43W 09CBB 01  Stanton 
28S 39W 33CBB 01  Stanton 
28S 43W 01BAA 01  Stanton 
30S 30W 04DBB 01  Meade 
31S 35W 21CCC 01  Stevens  
32S 30W 25C   01  Meade 
33S 40W 04ADC 01  Morton      pumping
34S 38W 21CDD 01  Stevens 
34S 41W 06CCA 01  Morton 
34S 43W 08DCD 01  Morton	 

DWR (total of 15 wells-11 measured, 4 UTM)

02S 29W 01DDD 01 Decatur
04S 23W 19DDB 01 Norton
07S 23W 08BCD 01 Graham      could not locate well in crop
09S 26W 32BCD 01 Sheridan
22S 31W 24AAC 01 Finney      plugged for several years now
23S 37W 34CDB 01 Kearny      cannot find
24S 03W 15DAA 01 Harvey
26S 29W 34CDB 01 Gray
26S 35W 36DDB 01 Kearny
27S 28W 26ADD 01 Gray
27S 38W 21BCC 01 Grant       cannot find
29S 09W 29BCD 01 Kingman
29S 36W 04BAC 01 Grant
30S 12W 04CCC 01 Barber
30S 31W 09CBB 01 Haskell 

Wells Tagged in 2006 for Removal from the Network and Reason

KGS (5 wells)

22S 24W 25DDC 01     Unknown
23S 43W 21ABA 01     Destroyed
25S 23W 12BBB 01     Destroyed
29S 23W 12BAC 01     Unknown
33S 39W 04DBB 01     Unknown

DWR (10 wells)

22S 34W 08BCB 01     Unused
26S 31W 31CDC 01     Unknown
26S 32W 22ABB 01     Unknown
27S 30W 34CCC 01     Unknown
23S 37W 34CDB 01     Unknown
26S 36W 22CCA 01     Unknown
21S 03W 22BBB 01     Unknown
23S 05W 27DDB 01     Unknown
07S 26W 06AAB 01     Unknown
23S 12W 07DBD 01     Unknown


The two appendices to this report are summary tables.

Appendix A--Contains a summary of information for all wells measured by KGS. This appendix includes only county, well legal description (ID), and 2006 depth of water below ground surface (BGS). Quality Assurance measurements (QA) and Provisional wells (PROV) are also identified.

Appendix B--Contains a summary of information for all wells measured by DWR. This appendix includes only county, well legal description (ID), and 2006 depth of water below ground surface (BGS). Provisional wells (PROV) are also identified.

Both the current year's measurements and historical water-level data are archived and maintained at the KGS in a centralized database (WIZARD) that can be accessed at the KGS website at Just the Township-Range-Section identifier and the water level for each well measured are also provided in tabular form at

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