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Geohydrology of Grant and Stanton Counties

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Table of Contents



Purpose and Scope of Investigation

Description of the Area

Previous Investigations

Methods of Investigation

Well-Numbering System



Topography and Drainage



Mineral Resources


General Geology

Summary of Stratigraphy

Structural Geology

Geologic Formations and Their Water-Bearing Properties

Paleozoic Rocks

Permian System--Upper Permian Series.

Big Basin Formation

Mesozoic Rocks

Triassic System--Upper Triassic Series

Dockum Group

>Cretaceous System--Lower Cretaceous Series

Cheyenne Sandstone

Kiowa Shale

Dakota Formation

Cenozoic Rocks

Neogene System

Summary of Pliocene and Pleistocene Investigations

Pliocene Series

Ogallala Formation

Pleistocene Series

Lower Pleistocene Subseries

Upper Pleistocene Subseries


Hydrologic Properties of Water-Bearing Materials

Purpose of Aquifer Tests

Methods of Analyses and Test Results

Water Levels

History of Water Levels

Withdrawals of Ground Water

Perched Zones of Saturation

Water-level Contour Maps and Their Analysis

Computation of Flow

Recharge from Precipitation.

Summary of Flow

Reduction in Storage of Ground Water

Weighted-average Water Level

Computation of Areal Drawdown Coefficient

Future Water-level Decline

Availability of Ground Water

Water in Storage

Quantities Available

Chemical Quality of Water

Chemical Constituents in Relation to Irrigation


Summary and Conclusions

Records of Wells and Water Levels

Logs of Wells and Test Holes

Grant County

Stanton County



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