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Chase County Geohydrology

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Rock Formations of Chase County, by Raymond C. Moore, John Mark Jewett, and Howard G. O'Connor

Location and geography
Field work
Previous geologic work
Stratigraphy of outcrops
Quaternary System
Tertiary System (?)
Permian System

Part 2: Mineral Resources of Chase County, by Howard G. O'Connor, John Mark Jewett, and R. Kenneth Smith

Economic geology of outcrops
Ceramic materials
Gravel and sand
Subsurface rocks
Stratigraphy and structure
Oil and gas

Part 3: Ground-water Resources of Chase County, by Howard G. O'Connor

Ground-water resources
Principles of occurrence
Unconfined water
Confined water
Ground-water recharge
Recharge from precipitation
Seepage from streams and ponds
Percolation from outside the area
Discharge of subsurface water
Evaporation and transpiration
Springs and seeps
Discharge by wells
Public water supplies
Industrial supplies
Availability of large ground-water supplies
Chemical character of water
Total dissolved solids
Sanitary considerations
Ground-water regions in Chase County
Bluestem upland region (B)
Cedar Creek area (Bc)
South Elmdale area (Bs)
Middle Creek area (Bm)
Fox Creek area (Bf)
Thurman area (Bt)
Dissected Bluestem region (D)
Rock Creek area (Dr)
Elmdale area (De)
Buckeye-Peyton Creek area (Db)
Verdigris-Bloody Creek area (Dv)
Alluvial floodplain region (A)
Alluvial terrace region (T)
Well-numbering system
Records of wells

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Kansas Geological Survey, Chase County Geohydrology
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