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Kansas Geological Survey, Public Information Circular (PIC) 1

A User's Guide to Well-spacing Requirements for the Dakota Aquifer in Kansas

P. Allen Macfarlane,
Geohydrology Section, Kansas Geological Survey and
Robert S. Sawin,
Public Outreach, Kansas Geological Survey


This publication provides current and potential users of water from the Dakota aquifer in Kansas with a summary of the 1994 well-spacing requirements adopted by the Chief Engineer of the Division of Water Resources, Kansas Department of Agriculture, and explains the basis for these new requirements.

The Kansas Geological Survey provides information on the Dakota aquifer to Kansans interested in developing water supplies or in learning more about the aquifer. The Survey also advises State and local agencies on issues related to the Dakota aquifer and other water resources in the state. The Dakota Aquifer Program is a long-term project being conducted by the Kansas Geological Survey to assess the water-resource potential and planning needs of the Dakota aquifer.

Further information on the topics covered in this pamphlet can be found in the publication Kansas Ground Water (Kansas Geological Survey, Educational Series 10), compiled by Rex Buchanan and Robert Buddemeier. Additional information on the Dakota aquifer can be obtained by contacting the Geohydrology Section at the Kansas Geological Survey.

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