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Ancient Life in Kansas Rocks, part 27 of 27

Other Resources

These books and web sites are places to continue investigating fossils and prehistoric life in Kansas and the world. Please note that the references listed here are not created or maintained by the Kansas Geological Survey. Please let us know if there are other books or web sites that we should add to this list.

Web Sites

GeoKansas Fossil Page
Part of the Kansas Geological Survey's GeoKansas web site, this area helps you learn about fossils found in Kansas.
Oceans of Kansas Paleontology
Created by Mike Everhart who collects fossils from the Smoky Hill Chalk and Pierre Shale (Niobrara Formation, Late Cretaceous) of Western Kansas. Good information on large marine reptiles called mosasaurs.
Sternberg Museum of Natural History
"The Sternberg Museum of Natural History is a department of Fort Hays State University and has been a part of the Hays community since 1914. In March of 1999, the museum reopened its doors in a new facility and in the first year of operation over 120,000 people visited the new exhibits. The museum continues to fulfill its mission with new exhibits and educational programs. In addition to the exhibits, the museum houses significant scientific research collections."
Geology Museum at Emporia State University
This virtual tour of the museum includes exhibits on crystals, plant and animal fossils, minerals from the Tri-State Mining District, and Hamilton Quarry fossils.
Fick Fossil and History Museum
Located in Oakley, Kansas, the Fick Fossil and History Museum "features Cretaceous Period fossils from the personal collection of Earnest and Vi Fick. The museum also has many fossils found by the Sternburgs, who did extensive digs in the area."
Illinois State Geological Survey Dinosaur Page.
This page, a service of the Educational Extension program at the Illinois State Geological Survey, promotes information about vertebrate paleontology over the World Wide Web.
The Paleo Ring
The Paleo Ring is a collection of Websites and Pages that are devoted primarily to the promotion of Paleontology, Paleoanthropology, Prehistoric Archaeology, The Evolution of Behavior, and Evolutionary Biology in general.
Paleontology category on the Yahoo! web directory

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