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Spring 2001

Kansan's Guide to Science

The August 1999 Kansas State Board of Education’s decision to de-emphasize evolution in public school standards, and the controversy that followed, highlighted the need to improve basic science literacy in Kansas. A new book from the Kansas Geological Survey aims to help do that.

A Kansan’s Guide to Science was written by University of Kansas scientists Paulyn Cartwright, Roger Kaesler, Bruce Lieberman, and Adrian Melott. Their goal, as stated in the book’s preface, is to “reach all Kansas citizens who wish to learn more about the nature of science, geologic time, evolution, and the origin of the universe from a Kansas perspective.”

The book is organized around a series of frequently asked questions. It contains numerous color drawings and photographs, many depicting fossils of animals that lived in Kansas millions of years ago. Also included is a glossary of terms used in discussing geologic time, evolution, and the history of life on earth. A list of suggested readings and educational resources is a handy reference for learning more about evolution, the nature of science, the relationship between science and religion, and creationism. A number of online educational resources are also listed.

Copies of the book are available for $7.50, plus $3 postage and handling, plus 5.9% sales tax for Kansas residents on the entire order. Contact the Survey’s Publications Sales Office (785-864-4217 or



A Kansan's Guide to Science.

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