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Salina Basin Stratigraphy and Development

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Figure 6

Fig. 6--Stratigraphic cross section from south to north on the line B-B' of Figure 5 and Plate 8 showing overlap of Osagian rocks on the Kinderhookian surface. Figures at left of wells at top show depth in feet below the surface. Figures at right of wells show thickness of lithologic units. The wells are correlated on the base of the Burlington. The upper member of the Sedalia dolomite was eroded from parts of the area but outliers occur toward the south. The St. Joe, Reeds Spring, and Burlington in conformable sequence overlap in turn upon the surface of the Kinderhookian. Unconformities occur at the base of the upper member of the Sedalia, Gilmore City, Keokuk, and "Warsaw."

Reed Springs thickest to south, gone by Ottawa Co.; Lower zone Burlington and Keokuk thicker to south, present all places; upper zone more consistant in thicknessWarsaw and Spergen eroded by Pennsylvanian in some areas.

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