KGS Cyclic Sedimentation Original published in D.F. Merriam, ed., 1964, Symposium on cyclic sedimentation: Kansas Geological Survey, Bulletin 169, pp. 381-398

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Figure 1--North-south generalized cross section showing relationships of pre-Cincinnatian Paleozoic strata from Lena, Wisconsin, to Pulaski, Tennessee. Vertical scale is much exaggerated and is intended to show relative thickness, inferring a general time relationship. Section is approximately 1200 miles long. Prepared from sample studies of Wisconsin wells and from published logs from Illinois (Workman and Bell, 1948), Missouri (Grohskopf, 1955), and Tennessee (by Freeman, in Dolt and Murray, 1954).

cross sections run from northern Wisconsin to south-central Tennessee, shows relationship of location, rocks, and geologic time

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