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Lexicon of Geologic Names of Kansas (through 1995)

D.L. Baars and Christopher G. Maples, editors

Bulletin 231
271 pages
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A full online version of this publication is not available. Copies of this publication are available from the publications office of the Kansas Geological Survey (785-864-3965). The cost is $25.00, plus sales tax, shipping, and handling.


The purpose of this lexicon is to make available a compilation of the myriad names that are used and have been used in the past by geologists working in the state. Names recognized as valid nomenclature (shown in boldface) by the Kansas Geological Survey are distinguished from improper and informal terms; names are defined briefly as to lithology, thickness, age, underlying and overlying units, and type locality and/or reference section. Because many of the names have been redefined and variously modified, a nomenclatural history has been compiled for each name in the style of the various lexicons published by the U.S. Geological Survey, particularly that of Bulletin 896 by Wilmarth (1938).

This lexicon is the result of a group effort by the most knowledgeable stratigraphers on the staff of the Kansas Geological Survey. D. L. Baars served as organizer and chairman of the committee, and was responsible for the chronostratigraphic terms. Christopher G. Maples took over general compilation and provided complete and comprehensive information on many of the names included through the entire lexicon.

Names of Precambrian sedimentary rocks were the responsibility of Pieter Berendsen; those of the Cambrian-Ordovician Arbuckle Group were handled by P. Allen Macfarlane; the Simpson through Devonian units by K. David Newell; the Chattanooga Shale by Michael W. Lambert; Mississippian names by Christopher G. Maples; formations of the Pennsylvanian Morrow, Atoka, and Cherokee by Lawrence L. Brady; Marmaton and Kansas City units by W. Lynn Watney; Frank W. Wilson was responsible for the Lansing through Shawnee Groups; Howard R. Feldman was responsible for the Douglas Group; Wabaunsee through Council Grove Groups were the responsibility of Christopher G. Maples and Ronald R. West; Frank W. Wilson did the Chase Group; colloquial names for Lower Permian units were prepared by David A. Grisafe; rocks of the Leonardian and Guadalupian Series were compiled by D. L. Baars; Triassic and Jurassic names were the responsibility of John H. Doveton; Howard R. Feldman, P. Allen Macfarlane, and Christopher G. Maples compiled the Cretaceous and Tertiary terms; Pleistocene deposits and Cretaceous intrusive igneous bodies were compiled by Christopher G. Maples. David Collins and Janice Sorensen reviewed previous versions of the manuscript and provided valuable information in making the publication more inclusive. Valuable general contributions were made by Lee C. Gerhard and Rex Buchanan. Technical editing was by Marla Adkins-Heljeson; cover design by Jennifer Sims. Completion and verification of many sources throughout the lexicon were completed by Marla Adkins-Heljeson, Janice Sorensen, David Collins, and Rex Buchanan. Secretarial assistance by Lea Ann Davidson and Esther Price was much appreciated.

This compilation is as exhaustive of all terms in use or previously used in Kansas as time and patience would allow. However, we do not claim perfection. It would be appreciated if corrections or additions to this list discovered by the reader would be brought to the attention of the Kansas Geological Survey.

Formal names recognized and used by the Kansas Geological Survey are shown in boldface type; informal names and those not recognized by the Survey are in regular type. The first letters of all formal stratigraphic names have been capitalized in accordance with the stratigraphic code of the North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature (1983). In the interest of brevity, a semi-telegraphic style of writing has been used in the summary material, as is used in the U. S. Geological Survey lexicons.

Kansas Geological Survey, Public Outreach Section
Placed online Sept. 1, 1998
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