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Wichita's Building Blocks: A Guide to Building Stones and Geological Features

Lawrence Skelton

Educational Series 11
28 pages, 39 color and B&W photos, and a map
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A full online version of this publication is not available. Copies of this publication are available from the publications office of the Kansas Geological Survey (785-864-3965) or from the Well Sample Library (316-943-2343) at 4150 Monroe in Wichita. The cost is $7.50, plus sales tax, shipping, and handling.


Many people, including geologists, might be surprised by the variety of geological features that can be seen in and around the city of Wichita. though the surface geology of this part of Kansas is hardly dramatic, Wichita is not devoid of geological interest. the stones used in downtown buildings for example, are a sampler of rocks and minerals from around the world. Some tell stories about ancient seas; others hint at conditions miles beneath the earths surface. This book explores some of this geology. The first section introduces the reader to some of the fossils, rocks, and minerals in downtown Wichita. The second section describes rocks and minerals and other geological features that can be seen outside the downtown area.

Look carefully around you and think about what you may see. Many great as well as many ordinary discoveries have been made by looking at or considering commonplace objects in some new way. Such objects almost always contain some astounding feature just waiting to be seen. Although seeing things in a new way some times requires specialized equipment, often all that is needed is an open-minded visual inspection of ordinary objects, such as the geology-related features described in this book. There are more around you if you look for them.

The map on the last page will help you locate the features described here . One word of caution, however: the buildings and features described in this book are private property. Do not take specimens or otherwise damage them in any way.

Kansas Geological Survey, Public Outreach Section
Placed online Aug. 4, 1998
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