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Climate and Weather Atlas of Kansas

Douglas G. Goodin, James E. Mitchell, Mary C. Knapp, and Raymond E. Bivens

Educational Series 12
1995, Reprinted 2004.
24 pages, 15 maps, glossary, and a reading list
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A full online version of this publication is not available. Copies of this publication are available from the publications office of the Kansas Geological Survey (785-864-3965). The cost is $10.00 per copy, plus sales tax, shipping, and handling.


Because Kansas lies in the center of the continental United States, it is subject to varying weather patterns as air masses move across the state. Much of the severe weather for which Kansas is often noted is due to weather patterns that bring cold dry air into contact with warm moist air. Despite this reputation, the Kansas climate is partly responsible for the fertile soils and world-renowned agricultural industry.

Weather is an important part of our daily lives. We look to the paper, on radio and TV, and more recently on computer networks. Sites on the Internet or World Wide Web provide regional climate and weather information updated on a daily basis. This document is intended to give the general public information about some of the common terms and measurements they encounter in daily life. It cannot be used to plan daily activities, but provides an overview of the recorded weather and climate of Kansas. For example, this document includes maps of the first and last frost-free days across the state. This information would be of interest to gardeners in planning their activities. Or, it might be used to plan when to go camping or fishing. It would be of no use determining whether to wear a coat on a particular day.

This book is intended to provide basic information on the weather and climate of Kansas. The information is presented as a series of maps of selected climate and climate-related indices that are commonly reported in the media. All the information is derived from data collected across the state and compiled at the State Weather Library at Kansas State University. For more information about these data, the collection of the data, access to real-time computer information, or other aspects of the weather and climate of Kansas, contact the State Climatologist at:

State Climatologist
Weather Data Library
211 Umberger Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506-3400

Phone:(913) 532-6270
FAX: (913) 532-6487
Electronic mail:


Reading the Maps
Station Locations
Generalized Physiography and County Names
Annual Normal Precipitation 1961-1990
Heating and Cooling Degree Days
Freeze Date
Related Readings

Tables, Graphs, and Charts
Record-breaking Incidents of Precipitation for Selected Cities
Record-breaking Temperatures for Selected Cities
Continentality Illustrated by Monthly Mean Temperatures
Record-breaking Kansas Weather Incidents
Station Locations and Names

Station Locations
Generalized Physiography of Kansas
Normal Annual Precipitation
Mean Annual Snowfall
Average Annual Mean Temperature
Mean Annual Minimum Temperature
Mean Annual Maximum Temperature
Seasonal Mean Temperature--Spring
Seasonal Mean Temperature--Summer
Seasonal Mean Temperature--Fall
Seasonal Mean Temperature--Winter
Mean Annual Heating Degree Days
Mean Annual Cooling Degree Days
Average Annual Date of First Freeze
Average Annual Date of Last Freeze

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Updated May 16, 2005.
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