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(Petrofacies Evaluation of Formations for Engineering Reservoirs)

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PfEFFER 2.0 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Excel says "A document with the name 'pfeffer.xla' is already open..." when I click on a toolbar button.
Sometimes, during the installation process, Excel confuses itself into thinking that the PfEFFER toolbar is attached to a different copy of the PfEFFER add-in (pfeffer.xla) than the one that has actually been loaded. When a button is clicked Excel tries to load this fictitious copy of the add-in and shows an error message about not being able to open two documents under the same name at the same time. Here is what you should do about it:
  1. Unload the PfEFFER add-in by selecting Add-Ins... from the Tools menu, un-checking the PfEFFER checkbox, and clicking OK.
  2. Delete the PfEFFER and Pickett Plot Annotation toolbars. First, select Customize... from the Toolbars pull-right menu under the View menu. On the Toolbars tab of the Customize dialog box, highlight the entry for the PfEFFER toolbar and the click the Delete button. Do the same for the Pickett Plot Annotation toolbar and then click Close.
  3. Re-load the PfEFFER add-in by returning to the Add-Ins... dialog box and checking the appropriate entry. When the add-in is loaded this time, the toolbar should now point to the real copy of pfeffer.xla (meaning, things should work now).
When I start up Excel with PfEFFER pre-loaded, all I get is the hourglass.
This happens when Excel is actually trying to show you the message box containing the PfEFFER copyright information. For some reason the message box is occasionally invisible. Nevertheless, Excel is still waiting for you to click on the OK button or hit the Return (Enter) key. So . . . just hit the Return (Enter) key and you should be on your way.

The text on the right-hand side of the Pickett plot does not show up.
Occasionally, Excel chooses to ignore the specifications for the plot dimensions given in the PfEFFER code and the right-hand margin does not end up being wide enough to accommodate the text. There is nothing to do about this except delete the plot and start over again.

Excel complains about unresolved links when I open my old (PfEFFER v. 1.1) workbooks
Old (Version 1.1) PfEFFER workbooks contain links to the old OpenLAS add-in (openlas.xla). These workbooks should be converted to Version 2.0 workbooks using the Convert PfEFFER V. 1.1 workbook button on the PfEFFER toolbar (which shows "1.1 => 2" more or less). Use the resulting dialog box to select the Version 1.1 PfEFFER workbook to be converted. It will be converted to a new, untitled Version 2.0 PfEFFER workbook. The original file will still be present on disk. It is your choice whether to overwrite the original file with the new one.

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