Stratigraphy, Depositional Environments and Coalbed Methane Resources of Cherokee Group Coals (Middle Pennsylvanian)--Southeastern Kansas
Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2003-82


I would like to thank my committee members Tim Carr, Diane Kamola, and Rick Devlin for their suggestions and comments on this paper. Their guidance along the way has been immensely helpful in crafting this paper. My advisor Tim Carr has been a great contributor to my development as a graduate student and growth as a geologist. I would also like to thank the Geology department professors of Kansas State University for providing me with a great undergraduate education.

Larry Brady, Alan Byrnes, Dave Newell and Lynn Watney have supported me during my time at the Kansas Geological Survey (KGS). Their suggestions and advice during the research portion of this project were very helpful. I would like to thank Marty Dubois for giving me the opportunity as an undergraduate student to work with him at the KGS, and introducing me to the petroleum industry. Many of my goals have been achieved due to my experience with the KGS.
I would like to thank Joe Anderson and Ryan Layman for drilling two core holes for my research. Their skilled work, hard labor, long work hours, and ability to jump out of the way of a collapsing mast allowed for pristine core to be available for my research. A special thanks to Jim Stegeman from Colt Energy for providing land to drill on, logging services, and additional well log data and support. I would also like to thank Devon Energy for providing log data, and Mr. Dwight Cooper for allowing me to drill on his land.
Pat Acker, Dana Adkins-Heljeson, Janice Sorensen, Ken Stalder have been invaluable in the planning, research, and finished product of my thesis. Pat Acker’s computer drafting knowledge has provided the thesis with some very professional figures beyond my abilities. Janice Sorensen’s constant smile and ability to find any reference eased many of life’s frustrations. Dana Adkins-Heljeson and Ken Stalder also provided much of my technical support. I would also like to thank GeoPlus Petra for providing computer-mapping software.

Morning and afternoon football breaks with Troy Johnson, Lianshuang Qi, and Ed Washburn may have extended my stay at KU, but their friendship, advice, and constant heckling was worth it. My office mate Galo Salcedo was always a great friend, very helpful, and extremely insightful.

Of course I would like to thank my family, for not only their financial support during my schooling but their unfailing understanding and emotional support during all of the bumps in the road of development. Lauren has been one of my greatest supporters, and extremely understanding of what it is like to be a student who has to put their education and research on the front end of many days’ priorities. She tolerated my inability to make plans due to the fear of the twelve-hour industry warning to collect data, and my many mood swings that followed frustrating days.

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