Paleogeomorphology of the Sub-Pennsylvanian Unconformity of the Arbuckle Group (Cambrian-Lower Ordovician)

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2001-55

Evaluating Precambrian Structural Control on the Arbuckle Surface

The correspondence of Sub-Pennsylvanian Arbuckle topography with Precambrian basement structural features was evaluated by overlying the structure contour map on the top of the Arbuckle as a color-shaded grid over the structure contours of the top of the Precambrian surface (shown above left). In addition, interpreted lineaments from gravity and magnetics maps were overlain on the Arbuckle structure map to illustrate the general relationship of the erosional surface to basement structural elements (above right). Several positive and negetive relationships can be recognized between basement structure and the Arbuckle surface, both locally and regionally. Structural elements in the Arbuckle of the Central Kansas such as: regional uplifts and lineaments, and local uplifts and faults are represented on the Precambrian structure. Basement structure, when recognized has a significant influence on alignment of karst and drainage features on the Arbuckle erosion surface. However, the Sub-Pennsylvanian surface does not perfectly mimic the basement structure.

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Last updated January 2002