Field Development and Renewed Reservoir Characterization for CO2 Flooding of the Hall-Gurney Field, Central Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2001-38

Relative Permeability

Imbibition relative permeability curves for oomoldic limestone samples exhibit uniformity for three similar oomoldic limestones exhibiting porosities from 24.0-25.3%, and permeability from 19.8 to 27.5 md.

Modeled Relative Permeability

Since relative permeability end point saturations change with permeability (e.g., “irreducible” water saturation changes with permeability), the relative permeability curves also change with absolute permeability. Relative permeability curves for each layer were predicted using the Corey-type equations below where Swi was obtained from Pc-k relations and the average absolute permeability values for each layer. Exponent m and n values were initially obtained from the measured data above and were modified during simulation to reproduce lease production data.

kro = a1(1-SwD)m
krw = a2 SwDn
SwD = (Sw-Swi)/(1-Swi-Sorw)

In reservoir simulation either unique kr curves must be defined for each unique water saturation region or pseudo-kr curves and corresponding pseudo-Sw values used. Since kr was defined by layer, it represents a pseudo-relative permeability. Initial pseudo-Swi values were assigned to each layer using Pc-k relations discussed.

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