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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2007-16

Type Log Showing Stratigraphic Horizons for Ness County, Kansas

Benjamin J. Ramaker
Kansas Geological Survey

KGS Open File Report 2007-16
June 2007

The Schaben #4 well (API: 15-135-21452) is located in Northeast Aldrich field in the northwestern portion of Ness County, Kansas (Figure 1, Table 1). The existing type log from the collection assembled by the Kansas Geological Society (1966) is located approximately 2.5 miles southwest of the new type log. Revisions in stratigraphic nomenclature and modifications to the classification of stratigraphy created a need for the new type log. The Schaben #4 type log ends in the Osagean Stage, which precludes deeper strata that are present on a limited number of well logs in Ness County, Kansas.

Figure 1--Map of Ness County, Kansas, with oil fields shown in green. The type log location indicated by red dot.

map of Ness County; type log is in northwest part of county

Stratigraphic horizons on the type log are based on data from the older Ness County type log and other type logs in the surrounding counties. The stratigraphic horizons reflect the revisions from the classification and nomenclature of the lower Upper Pennsylvanian that were originally proposed in 1968 (Heckel and Watney, 2002).

The type log uses gamma ray and neutron tracks recorded from 0 to 4550 feet as well as guard resistivity and caliper tracks from 3500 to 4550 feet.

Type Log

Table 1--Well information and tops picked.

Well Name: Schaben #4
API Number: 15-135-21452
Company: Walters Drilling Company
Field: Northeast Aldrich
County: Ness
Location: E. of C-NE-SE Sec 19, T17S, R24W
TopMDLog Section
Greenhorn Limestone198One
Graneros Shale282One
Dakota Formation361Two
Kiowa Formation618Two
Cheyenne Sandstone689Three
Whitehorse Formation852Three
Nippewalla Group991Four
Dog Creek Formation991Four
Blaine Formation1009Four
Flower Pot Shale1026Four
Cedar Hills Sandstone1095Four
Salt Plain Sandstone1321Five
Harper Sandstone1416Five
Stone Corral Formation1643Five
Ninnescah Shale1675Six
Wellington Formation1802Six
Hutchinson Salt Member2077Seven
Chase Group2400Eight
Nolans Limestone2400Eight
Odell Shale2436Eight
Winfield Limestone2462Eight
Gage Shale Member2485Eight
Towanda Limestone Member2535Eight
Holmesville Shale Member2577Eight
Fort Riley Limestone Member2595Eight
Blue Springs Shale member2650Eight
Wreford Limestone2681Eight
Council Grove Group2699Nine
Funston Limestone2713Nine
Blue Rapids Shale2738Nine
Crouse Limestone2785Nine
Easly Creek Shale2796Nine
Bader Limestone2809Nine
Stearns Shale2817Nine
Beattie Limestone2847Nine
Eskridge Shale2899Nine
Grenola Limestone2918Nine
Red Eagle Limestone 2996Nine
Johnson Shale3052Nine
Foraker Limestone3061Nine
Admire Group3086Ten
Wabaunsee Group3137Ten
Root Shale3198Ten
Stotler Limestone3241Ten
Nemaha Subgroup3307Ten
Shawnee Group3408Eleven
Topeka Limestone3408Eleven
Calhoun Shale3468Eleven
Deer Creek Limestone3479Eleven
Larsh-Burroak Shale member3540Eleven
Tecumseh Shale3550Eleven
Lecompton Limestone3554Eleven
Kanwaka Shale3604Eleven
Oread Limestone3616Eleven
Heebner Shale Member3688Eleven
Toronto Limestone Member3708Eleven
Douglas Group3721Twelve
Lansing Group3732Twelve
Stanton Limestone3732Twelve
Vilas Shale3757Twelve
Plattsburg Limestone3768Twelve
Lane Shale3803Twelve
Kansas City Group3817Twelve
Wyandotte Limestone3817Twelve
Iola Limestone3867Twelve
Chanute Shale3910Twelve
Cherryvale Formation3923Twelve
Dennis Limestone3948Twelve
Stark Shale Member3961Twelve
Swope Limestone3972Twelve
Hushpuckney Shale Member3994Twelve
Hertha Limestone4003Twelve
Marmaton Group4019Thirteen
Pawnee Limestone4148Thirteen
Labette Shale4217Thirteen
Fort Scott Limestone4226Thirteen
Cherokee Group4248Thirteen
Mississippian System4322Thirteen
Osagean Stage4406Thirteen


Heckel, P.H., and Watney, W.L., 2002, Revision of Stratigraphic Nomenclature and Classification of the Pleasanton, Kansas City, Lansing, and Lower Part of the Douglas Groups (Lower Upper Pennsylvanian, Missourian) in Kansas: Kansas Geological Survey, Bulletin 246, 68 p. [available online]

Kansas Geological Society, 1966, Type Logs of Kansas, vol. 2, Ness and Trego Counties.

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Updated June 29, 2007
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