Integrated Subsurface Carbon Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Natural Gas Recovery Using Cement Kiln Emissions, Wilson County, Kansas

Kansas Geological Survey

KGS Open-file 2006-13




A CNBG exploration model provides an organized method for determining and understanding the key factors controling production.


An accurate geologic model can be constructed for the purpose of reservoir simulation.


History matching for the field has been successfully completed for the 15 months of available production data, as well as matching 10 year production trends from nearby wells.


Preliminary simulation results indicate that enhanced rates of recovery are minimal, but are highly dependent upon sorption capacities of mixed-gas components, as well as placement, timing, and rates of injection. Further simulation work is being performed to investigate the effect of these factors




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I would like to thank the Kansas Geological Survey for providing the funding for this project as part of my Masters research. I would like to specifically thank Tom O’Neill with Dart Oil and Gas for providing an exceptional data set, as well as Computer Modeling Group (CMG) for use of their GEM Simulator software. Many thanks to the staff of the Kansas Geological Survey for providing useful insight into many of the questions raised.

Last Modified May 2006