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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2005-53

Type Log Showing Stratigraphic Horizons for Russell County, Kansas

Benjamin J. Rocke
Kansas Geological Survey

KGS Open File Report 2005-53
Dec. 2005

The Kaufman #2 well (Russell County, Kansas) is located in the North Trapp field, on the eastern flank of the Central Kansas uplift (Fig. 1, Table 1). The existing type log from the collection assembled by the Kansas Geological Society (1966) ends at the base of the Pennsylvanian, which precludes identification of deeper strata on other well logs in Russell County. Strata such as the Pennsylvanian Hushpuckney Shale Member, which gives a distinctive gamma ray signal useful in correlation, and the Ordovician Arbuckle Group, a productive horizon in Russell County, are left out of the current type log.

Figure 1--Map of Russell County, Kansas, with oil and gas fields shown (green is oil, red is gas, orange is oil and gas). Large oil field at south-central part of county is North Trapp field, type log location indicated by red dot.

map of Russell County; type log is in far south-central part of county

Stratigraphic horizons on the type log are based on data from the older Russell County type log and deeper type logs in surrounding counties and include strata down to the top of the Arbuckle Group (Lower Ordovician). Furthermore, the stratigraphic horizons reflect modifications made to the nomenclature and classification of the stratigraphy of the lower Upper Pennsylvanian in Kansas from the conventions set in 1968 (Heckel and Watney, 2002).

The type log uses gamma ray and neutron tracks recorded from 0 to 3,500 feet and gamma ray and neutron density tracks recorded from 2,100 to 3,500 feet.

Type Log

Table 1--Well information and tops picked.

Well Name: Kaufman #2
API Number: 15-167-22181
Company: Hupfer Oil and Gas
Field: North Trapp
County : Russell
Location: NW-SE-SE Sec 10 T15S R13W
TopMDLog Section
Graneros Shale 50Two
Dakota Formation80Two
Blaine Formation485Two
Stone Corral Formation780Three
Ninnescah Shale815Three
Wellington Formation960Three
Hutchinson Salt Member1190Four
Geuda Springs Shale Member1420Four
Chase Group1600Five
Odell Shale1632Five
Winfield Limestone1650Five
Gage Shale Member1680Five
Towanda Limestone Member1728Five
Holmesville Shale Member1750Five
Fort Riley Limestone Member1760Five
Oketo Shale Member1800Five
Florence Limestone Member1810Five
Blue Springs Shale Member1850Five
Wreford Limestone1900Five
Council Grove Group1935Six
Funston Limestone1948Six
Blue Rapids Shale1952Six
Crouse Limestone1955Six
Easly Creek Shale2000Six
Bader Limestone2030Six
Stearns Shale2060Six
Beattie Limestone2073Six
Eskridge Shale2080Six
Admire Group2090Six
Roca Shale2130Six
Red Eagle Limestone2142Six
Johnson Shale2165Six
Foraker Limestone2185Six
Janesville Shale2223Six
Falls City Limestone2275Seven
Onaga Shale2284Seven
Wabaunsee Group2308Seven
Root Shale2378Seven
Stotler Limestone2424Seven
Pillsbury Shale2444Seven
Tarkio Limestone Member2489Eight
Auburn Shale2552Eight
Bern Limestone2562Eight
Scranton Shale2579Eight
Howard Limestone2629Eight
Severy Shale2686Nine
Topeka Limestone2704Nine
Larsh-Burroak Shale Member2786Nine
Deer Creek Limestone2791Nine
Tecumseh Shale2793Nine
Lecompton Limestone2798Nine
Kankawa Shale2851Ten
Oread Limestone2858Ten
Heebner Shale Member2933Ten
Toronto Limestone Member2953Ten
Douglas Group2973Ten
Lansing Group/Missourian Series3026Ten
Hickory Creek Shale Member3067Eleven
Merriam Limestone Member3070Eleven
Kansas City Group3078Eleven
Wyandotte Limestone3082Eleven
Iola Limestone3098Eleven
Muncie Creek Shale Member3148Eleven
Paola Limestone Member3153Eleven
Dewey Limestone3157Eleven
Nellie Bly Formation3170Eleven
Westerville Limestone Member3177Eleven
Winterset Limestone Member3198Eleven
Stark Shale Member3212Eleven
Galesburg Shale3218Eleven
Swope Limestone3233Eleven
Hushpuckney Shale Member3252Eleven
Sniabar Limestone Member3259Twelve
Marmaton Group3278Twelve
Arbuckle Group3300Twelve


Heckel, P.H., and Watney, W.L., 2002, Revision of Stratigraphic Nomenclature and Classification of the Pleasanton, Kansas City, Lansing, and Lower Part of the Douglas Groups (Lower Upper Pennsylvanian, Missourian) in Kansas: Kansas Geological Survey, Bulletin 246, 68 p. [available online]

Kansas Geological Society, 1966, Type Logs of Kansas, vols. 1 and 2, Barton and Russell Counties.

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Updated Dec. 23, 2005
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