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Kansas Geological Survey, Open-file Report 2005-16, Figure 7
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Figure 7--Cemented ooid grainstone (lithofacies 6), St. Louis Limestone, Wade Allen 36-1. A) Core photo of cemented ooid grainstone section, 5647-5648.5, 5664-5665 ft core depth. B) Close up core photo of cemented ooid grainstone, subtle cross bedding and stylolite structure showed, 5648 ft core depth. C and D) Thin section photomicrographs, radial concentric ooid grains and skeletal fragments cemented by syntaxial calcite cement, usually more than 50 percent of the pore system, 5631 ft core depth. Polarized light with the 1st order red plate inserted. Fewer meniscuses cement and some pressure solution observed.

Core in box; core slab; core closeup

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Updated Oct. 28, 2005
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