Theory and Practice of a Web-based Intelligent Agent in the Location of Pay Zones on Digital Well Log Files

Kansas Geological Survey

Open File 2004-28


KHAN Predictions

Example of pay predictions from KHAN for the producing well Mike Rome 3-34 (from the Marmaton B oomoldic carbonate) and prediction for dry hole (Anderson PX 1-28). Note the low probability for pay (green areas) in the dry hole compared to the producing well. Other zones in the producting well appear to have probable potential beyond the interval currently perforated.



KHAN pay model was applied to a well (HJV Reed “B-2” in Ryus East Field, Kansas) 40 miles south of the Terry Field dataset. The well profile above shows a thick zone that is highly probable (almost certain) oil reservoir in a Morrow sandstone. The completion records indicate that this zone was perforated for production. Lease records indicate 41,000 bbls of oil was produced from the zone in just over one year. Other shallower zones that indicate probably pay remain untested.

Last Modified December 2004