The Role of Moldic Porosity in Paleozoic Kansas Reservoirs and the Association of Original Depositional Facies and Early Diagenesis With Reservoir Properties

Kansas Geological Survey
Open-file Report 2003-32

Facies (2) Laminated Grainy Algal
Boundstone and Stromatolites

#23 Batman 2465.7'

Current-modified (ripple) lamination occurs locally. Where stromatolites trapped grains, intercrystalline porosity is present and fenestral, keystone vug, and solution enlarged porosity that closely follows laminations may occur. This facies likely represents subtidal to peritidal (where fenestrae are present) environments. This facies is locally oil stained and can exhibit some of the highest matrix permeabilities in the Arbuckle.

Facies (2) Laminated Muddy Algal Boundstone and Stromatolites

#1 Madsen 3386.3’

Brecciated stromatolite facies typically grades upwards to non-brecciated, in-place stromatolites. Locally or near unconformity may contain isolated vugs which can result in high core-scale permeability that are not representative of scales larger than whole-core.

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